Message from the Biostar Chairman

In the past 10 years, we have been conducting studies in stem cell research area to find out answers to treatments for various diseases, and most importantly, to making human body healthier and longer living than before.

Trinity Wellness Centre marks a new milestone of Biostar Group, signifying that our research has borne its fruit to establish ourselves in the global market with Hong Kong as the foundation.

Our end goal is to help our clients experience our adult stem cells to have your skin and body at least 10 years younger than before upon using to our Trinity Wellness Centre’s service.

Biostar Group strives to continue our ‘new discovery’ to be able to contribute to our humanity’s anti-ageing and increased longevity. Human body is consisted of cells, and those cells are made by the stem cells. Therefore, by being able to utilise the stem cells better, we can maintain stable homeostasis to make not only our body but also our mentality healthier and younger.

We strive to provide the top quality with sincere love for our clients. By visiting our centre, I hope you get the beauty and youth that you want. Thank you.

Ra Jeong Chan,
CEO and the founder of BioStar Group.


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