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Stem Cell Treatment Procedure

Your adult stem cells treatment is performed in our state-of- art surgery centre by a licensed and specially trained physician. Although the procedure may vary slightly from patient to patient (depending on what condition is being treated), the procedure itself involves three basic steps.
  • Stem Cell Harvesting

    Stem cells are harvested from adipose tissue, usually in the lower abdominal area. The harvesting procedure safely takes place in procedure room after local anesthesia.


    Adipose tissue is sent to R-Japan located in Japan for warehousing inspection, after which R-Japan carries out the stem cell separation and cultivation processes.


    Adult stem cells are then delivered intravenously into the body or by direct injection into joints or other parts of your body depending on your individual treatment plan.

Your Experience at Trinity Wellness Center

Travel Day

On the day prior to the procedure, you will travel into Hong Kong International Airport where our Patient Concierge will meet you. We will arrange an office visit with members of our medical staff to go over your history one more time and perform any final testing such as a cardiac exam or an echocardiogram. We will answer any questions that you or your family may still have about any aspect of the stem cell treatment. Once this visit is complete, our staff will transport you and your family back to your hotel. Courtesy ground transportation is provided to you and your family or caregiver during your entire stay.


Procedure Day

On the morning of the procedure day, our staff will transport you and your family from the hotel to our facility. Once the fat harvesting procedure is completed you will rest in a private patient suite where family members are permitted to join.

If your recovery remains on track after several hours of monitoring, we will return you to your Hotel.


Follow-up day and Departure

The day after the procedure, you will return to the clinic for a follow-up visit with the doctor. Following this office visit and check-up, you and your family will meet with a Registered Nurse who will go over detailed instructions for your follow-up and post-procedure plan. Once you have been medically discharged, you may proceed with your planned travel arrangements. Trinity Wellness Center will work with your primary physician and cardiologist to follow up with you and to monitor your recovery and progress over the months following the procedure.

Emergency Call

In case of urgent, feel free to ask questions.