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Trinity Wellness Center in Hong Kong is an extension of Biostar Asia and offers Adult Stem Cell Treatments as an addition to an extensive list of Beauty Services. The goal of all treatments is to offer a better “Quality of Life” during the aging process, by revitalising and rejuvenating the body from the inside out.

About Stem Cells

What are stem cells. Characteristics, types and functions of stem cells. Advantages of Biostar Stem Cells

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How It Works

Using stem cells from your fat tissue to repair damage and improve blood flow in your body.

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About Us

Learn about what separates Trinity Wellness Clinic from other anti-aging clinics.

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Trinity Wellness Center


Trinity Wellness Center is conveniently located in Discovery Bay on Lantau, just 20 minutes drive from Hong Kong International Airport.
5-star hotel, restaurants, bars, convenience store and public transportation are within walking distance from the clinic.


The clinic is tucked away in one of the most private locations in Discovery Bay, where our clients enjoy VIP treatment in the comfort of modern facilities with unobstructed ocean views,  away from the prying eyes.

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Low-risk, non-invasive procedure

Quick and visible results

Painless treatment

Long lasting effects


Leading Experts

With more than a decade of research in the field of stem cell treatments, Biostar has become a global industry leader in  Isolating and Culturing Adult Stem Cells Derived from Human Adipose Tissue.


With a team of top experts, Biostar know-how and reputation world wide shines through verified research papers, patents and concrete results.


Biostar stem cells are on cryogenic standby in sleep mode, ready for prompt delivery when required. The transport is done in special containers developed by Biostar Stem Cell Technology Research Center capable of maintaining 2~8℃ for up to five days.


From stem cell storage banks to stem cell therapy, cosmetics, and foods, Biostar is creating better lives through our globally recognised, state-of -the-art technology and wealth of knowledge.


Biostar has the largest stem cell cultivation facilities in the world, where the cells are stored and their quality is controlled in the most rigid manner

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